“Education is our future”

Students are given the opportunity to assume leadership roles in the school. This is done through the prefectorial system where students are given the opportunity to vote for students of their choice to lead them. Names of eligible prefects are sent to the electoral committee. The nominees are vetted. Those who come out of the vetting are made to present their manifestos to the student body in formalised campaigns. Students who are elected are inducted into office. Elections always take place in the second term of the academic year.

The school has many clubs as follows:-

Debating/ Drama Society, Red Cross Society, School Choir, Legion of Mary, Boy scouting and girl guide.


As a way of special and easy identification, students are distributed in different families from family 1 to 8 and each family is given a name of any religious saints like St.Charles Lwanga,St. Adolf,St. Andrew,St. Martins, St.Claire,St. Luke, St.Kizito and St. James.

SERVING PROCEDURE (FOOD)                                                                              

 For purposes of order and togetherness, students serve according to their classes in order to avoid missing as a result of some students being through with classes and others being still in class. 


In order to cater for students who come from far places the school has boarding facilities for both boys and girls. However, students from near are also encouraged to join boarding section since boarding students enjoy better facilities like electricity for reading books, night monitoring by the night duty teacher and some times night lessons. Dormitories are under direct supervision of Matrons (for girls) and patrons (for boys) whose residences are annexed to the students’ dormitories.

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT                                                                            Students receive spiritual guidance and are always encouraged to go for prayers. For the boarders prayers are always at school every evening at 7:00pm. There is always mass every Sunday at school. Priests come from Bujuni Parish Headquarters. There are always pilgrimages to Kooki on 26th May in remembrance of St.Andrew Kaahwa .Kooki is situated in Bugangaizi County in Kibaale Distitrict. It is the birth place of St.Andrew Kaahwa.Then another annual pilgrimage is to Bubango on 17th. November in remembrance of St.Kirigwaijo Anatoli the patron saint of this school.It is just 10 kilometres away from the school. There is always a special day of prayer every 3rd term of each year.

DRESSING CODE (Double-click on the picture below to see the Students Sunday and Special occasions' dress)


 Students have two categories of uniforms: one for normal hours (7:30am – 5:00pm) and another for after class hours and weekends for the boarding students.

COUNTRY WALK/ STUDENTS’ EXPOSURE                                                         

There is always a country walk each year in order to expose students to new surrounds.


PROMOTION AND MAINTENANCE OF CULTURE                                        

In order to promote, maintain culture and cultural diversity, a day is set aside for students to show different cultural activities through the cultural Gala.                                                                          


Arrangements are always done to make special collections for the poor students so that they can equally have good life at school. This is usually done on Palm Sunday


As a way of encouraging students to socialize and enjoy the spirit of togetherness at school, the school organizes parties every year. In first term there is welcoming of new comers, in second term there is a party for swearing in of new prefects and handover of outgoing prefects. In third term there is end of year party and farewell to outgoing students.

STUDY TOURS                                                                                                          

The school takes students for tours every year in order to enable them answer field work related questions and also to help them know different places especially from all regions in Uganda.

TALENT DEVELOPMENT                                                                                         

The school organizes a special day for talent show as a way of encouraging students to develop their talents like singing, Dancing etc.


St.Kirigwajjo secondary School was established by the catholic church of Hoima Diocese-Uganda. Thus,the religion that is practiced is Catholicism.The students from other religions who study from here are encouraged to attend and respect the catholic way of prayer well keeping in mind that they are not converted and will always resume their faiths when they go for holidays.This is done for the sake of order and strict uniformity and harmony in the school.

The following are the religious activities practiced at the school

  • Daily evening prayers
  • Hymn singing practice every Saturday evening
  • Mass every Sunday morning
  • Mass at some of the Catholic days of obligation.e.g Ash Wednesday,all Saints' day, and Uganda Martryrs' day.
During the lenten season,the school goes through all the rites practiced by the catholic church during the season like the way of the cross on every Friday and every ritual during the Easter tridum.Thanks to God that the school has two catholic priests on the staff-The headteacher and the School Administrator are both priests.

The school has got devotions that are active.Among themis the devotion to St.Jude Thaddeus which conducts Novenas every July. The devotion to the blessed virgin Mary is for the whole school.As such a rosary is recited every evening during the month of May and October(Months dedicated to the blessed virgin Mary.)

The school organizes a special day of prayer. This day always falls in the third term.That is to say,between September and December.

The school makes three most significant pilgrimages to the holy sites of the Uganda martyrs.

one is always to Namugongo -Kampala,a place where most of the Uganda martyrs were murdered. The day of pilgrimage to this place is always 3r.June every year. Another place is Kooki Haibaale-Kibaale district, a place where Andrea Kaahwa one of the Uganda martyrs was born and up brought. This day comes on the 26thMay every year. The third pilgrimage and probably most touching to the school is to Bubango-just 7 miles away from the school campus.This is the birth place of St.Kirigwajjo Anatoli another venerable Uganda Martyr and Patron Saint of the school. This day comes on the 17th.November every year. It is a big holy and holiday for the school.All students and staff members make a pilgrimage to Bubango on foot as a sign of identifying with the pain that the saint went through when he was being burnt to death in 1886 for Christ. They join the rest of the Christians from the whole diocese for mass and other functions in  that holy place throughout the day.

Another religious function that the school organises is the welcoming of the newly ordained priests and deacons tat are born in Bujuni parish(a parish under which the school falls). They say mass at the school and in most cases,the swearing ceremony of the new students' leaders takes place on the same day.

The great importance attached to the catholic religious activiests in the school is enjoyed by students and parents of various religous denominations alike. As such St.Kirigwajjo produces the best well behaved students in Kibaale District and Bunyouro region as a whole. Many people especially parents have yearned to have their students study from here so that they can acquire this wonderful human formation on top of the good academic performance.



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